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Super Panda Girl

Marina aka Super Panda Girl
7 September 1986
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Hello all, I am Marina, Panda, Silver, Mistress, Lady Jane Gray, Baby Doll, Sweetie, Gypsy Witch, White Witch, Weetzie Bat, Blue Jean Baby Queen, Sadie, whore, Hey you, Bitch and pretty much anything that you feel like calling me. Im 100% pure California girl! I was born and raised in CA, I moved to North Carolina years ago and I moved to South Carolina with my wonderful husband Kenneth, he is my Navy boy. He is in to the Nuclear program, so hope for the best for that, cuz its not an easy task. I love him very much. He makes me feel like I matter and that I am loved and gives me the inspiration I need to go to school and follow my dreams.

"I'm eternal lying in a coffin waiting for you." ~Ace of Base

" But I exists waiting for you in a coffin made of glass." ~ Ace of Base

"Happy nation. Living in a happy nation. where the people under stand and dream of loving man. situation leading to a sweet salvation." ~ Ace of Base

"She needed no longer to summon the barge- she need only step through the mists here, and be in Avalon. Her work was done. " ~ The Mists of Avalon

"Come here pretty please. Can you tell me where I am?" ~ POE

"Well It's three a.m. I'm out here riding again, thought the wicked winding streets of my world. I make a wrong turn, brake it. Now I'm too far gone I got a siren on my tale and that's not the fine I'm looking for. I see a stairway so I fallow it down. Into the belly of the whale where my secrets echo all around. You know me now but to do better then that you got to fallow me boy I'm trying to show you where I'm out. Hey Pretty don't you want to take a ride with me?" ~POE

"She was the porn goddess, ice sex, glistening and shiny and perfection." ~ Ice, Francesca Lia Block

"She touched her hair and light leaped off of it like diamonds." ~ Ice, Francesca Lia Block

"You can never been to rich or to thin." ~ Rasputina

"wild 'cause it doesn't make sense
for me to cry out in my own defense
wild 'cause I would do anything
to tear you off your precious fence" ~ Wild, POE

"Johnny dear don't be afraid
I will keep your secrets safe
bring me to the blind man who
lost you in his house of blue" ~ Dear Johnny, POE

"so the other day well I found me a lover
had a little hustle under the covers
it was delicious to me
can't you see me there
day dreaming of our future
I painted such a pretty picture
but my prince he never got back to me" ~ Lemon Meranuge, POE
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